Classes Offered: Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Turns/Leaps, Stretch Class

Desiree has a passion for teaching & devotes much of her time training the dancers that you see in front of the camera.  Her real expertise is taking dancers & fine-tuning their technique, style, & movement to create a more refined, professional product. She is recognized in the field to be able to achieve these things by analyzing form & operative skills, producing efficiency in movement.  With well over 18 years experience in the field, she speaks in an age appropriate terminology to all her students, which creates a strong bond between teacher/coach & student.

Desiree travels to more than 40 cities per year making appearances & teaching master classes all over the world.  She has since completed many tours with Tremaine while pursuing a professional dance career performing in many commercials & TV shows including Eerie Tales, Disney’s Videopolis, Miller’s Outpost, Clothestime, 24/7 & Breakthrough. She was also a Star Search winner. Desiree has become a much sought after choreographer & dance coach, including a ten-year working relationship with the NFL Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, as well as work with the NBA Kings Royal Court Dancers, the University of Illinois, University of Alabama, University of Wisconsin & many other private competitive teams.

She has been on the faculty of the University of California, Irvine, for more than four years & is a guest master teacher for the University of Arizona and California State University, Fullerton. Other national & international workshops she is affiliated with are The Jazz Fest (Costa Rica), All You Can Dance (Austria), Dansa (Mexico), Dance Coalition (Arkansas), & Ultimate Dance Challenge (Minnesota) to name a few.  Her choreography talent also extends into the musical theater world with the Hollywood musical “24 Hours” which was nominated for an Ovation Award by the Los Angeles Stage Alliance, as well as an NAACP Award.  Entertainers Desiree Robbins has worked with include Merv Griffin, Jay Leno, LeAnn Rimes, Tanya Tucker, Brie Larson, Nicky Barot & Liane Valenzuela.  Recently she choreographed The Michael Awards with Vivica Fox, staged TV Moves Live segment featuring Mitzi Gaynor & was the assistant choreographer for The Alamo Bowl 2008.  Currently she is the director of the Tremaine Teen Performance Company, which boasts over 100 members internationally.  To view videos of Desiree’s work & see where she will be appearing next, visit her website at: