Flow 40 is available for booking year round, this includes weekdays and holidays.
Minimums start as low as 30 students or the financial equivalent. Minimum enrollment is based on the workshop package selected.
The number of teachers depend on the workshop package selected. Our standard packages include 2 teachers. Additional teachers are available to accommodate larger enrollment and extra levels.
You may request specific faculty for your workshop. Faculty attendance is subject to availability. Flow 40 makes every effort to accommodate your faculty preference. Please remember to specify your preferred faculty members on our contact page.
Flow 40 covers all travel costs for our faculty. In addition, we coordinate all travel arrangements to alleviate any pre-workshop stress. This includes airline, hotel, and rental car.
You know your studio best! We are proud to be able to offer you a fully customizable workshop. You have the ability to choose the date/time, the faculty, and the curriculum for your workshop.
Once you book your workshop we will send you a promotional package in the mail. This includes posters, parent brochures, and flyers to hang in your studio and pass out to your parents and students. These promotional items are designed to assist you in promoting your workshop. This promotional package is absolutely free and will assist you in creating buzz for your workshop.
Yes, we work with all dance studios, schools, teams and organizations.
Merchandise is available at all Flow 40 Dance Workshops. Larger orders may require shipping to the studio. Cash and checks are accepted.